XBMC MySQL doesnt work after upgrade to Synology DSM 5.0

Yesterday I’ve upgraded my Synology DS 410 to DSM 5.0 BETA. After the upgrade all packages are working but when I started my HTPC XMBC was unable to connect to the MySQL library on my DS. It turns out that MySQL is replaced by MariaDB. All databases and users are available in MariaDB and I can access them with phpMyAdmin, but not remote from XBMC.

Update: The issue is resolved in an updated package of MariaDB (version 5.5.33.a-0013). Changelog;

Whats new in version 5.5.33.a-0013:

  1. Fixed an issue where MariaDB cannot start.
  2. Now binds to all network IP addresses in addition to localhost.

I’ve resolved this problem by making a configuration change within the MariaDB package, the default config doesn’t allow remote access. Take the following steps to alter the configuration;

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IPKG Bootstrap installer for Synology DS

Some users like to run software programs on there Synology DS which are not available in the package center (Synology repro, or any other). To install software you may need ipkg (or the Itsy Package Management System). ipkg is not default installed on your Syno so you have to do that yourself.  On the Synology wiki there’s an article which describes the process of installing ipkg, but many users are having trouble with this guide.

So I thought, I’ll write a guide on how to install ipkg on your Syno DS. After some research on the internet I found a different, much easier way to install the ipkg package manager…

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Install and test Synology DSM in a virtual machine

For my blog I do a lot of testing on my own ‘production’ Synology DS410. Because I’m hosting all my media and personal documents on this DS it will be very annoying if anything went wrong. I was thinking of buying a low priced DS (like the DS 212j) for testing when I discovered a community project called XPEnology. XPEnology is a modified Synology DSM firmware which runs on virtual hardware (and some physical hardware to), of course without any support from Synology but great for testing.

In this post I’ll guide you to the process of installing Synology DSM inside a virtual machine.

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Update SynoCommunity packages after DSM 4.2 upgrade

Yesterday I’ve updated my Synology DS 410 to DSM 4.2 Beta. After the update I went to the ‘Package Center’ to upgrade my installed packages. All the Synology provided packages upgraded nicely but a few packages from the SynoCommunity (Sabnbd, sickbeard and CouchPotato) failed with the following error;


“Please run “Python” before installing this package.”

Because the Python package can’t run this must be some sort of compatibility issue. After performing some tests I came up with the following procedure to fix this problem;

  1. SSH to your DS (by using Putty or some other terminal application)
  2. Open the file “/var/packages/python/scripts/start-stop-status”
  3. Change the line “exit 1” under “status)” to “exit 0”, your configuration file then should look like this;
  4. Save the file and try upgrading the SynoCommunity packages again


Install (upgrade) Synology DSM 4.2 Beta Video tutorial

As I mentioned earlier today Synology released the public Beta of Disk Station Manager (DSM) 4.2. For the first time I made a video tutorial with the instructions on how to install this version of DSM on your Disk Station.

Whats new in DSM 4.2? Check out the release notes on the Synology website; http://www.synology.com/support/beta_dsm4.2.php?lang=enu