VMworld Europe 2010: Day 1 keynote

Today is the start of VMworld Europe 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark. As usual the event started with a keynote session from VMware. Before Mauricio, Rick, Paul and Steve start talking about the vision of VMware the following video was played;

Mauricio Carli presented some interesting numbers regarding VMworld Europe attendants;

  • VMworld Europe 2008: 4500
  • VMworld Europe 2009: 4700
  • VMwrold Europe 2010: >6000

He also presented the number of registered VMUG members world wide: >50.000!

Paul Maritz talked about the future vision of VMware, in short it all comes down to cloudcomputing en serving the user in staid of only optimizing the IT infrastructure.

The realy interesting part came from Steve Herrod. He entertained the crowd with a live demo of the capabilities with VMware View 4.5 in combination with Project Horizon (vCloud Request Manager). With vCloud RM applications can be enrolled to users like Apple apps from the AppStore.

Well there is much more to tell but I suggest everybody who hasn’t the opportunity to be in Copenhagen to watch the keynote on-line at http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/europe2010/generalsessions


VMworld Europe 2010: Internet Access

Good news for the live bloggers at VMworld Europe 2010. I was checking the website of the Bella Center (www.bellacenter.dk) and I noticed there will be WiFi available free of charge;

Wireless network
Bella Center has installed wireless network access in its conference facilities (meeting rooms, auditoriums and rest areas) that participants can use free of charge. Bella Center has setup “access points” and supplies internet access. However, participants must furnish their own security via VPN or the like.

There will also be free access to the wireless network in the halls at some fairs and exhibitions. However, we recommend that you always purchase a cable connection if you require a stable and secure connection.

More technical information about the Internet facilities can by found at www.bc-it.net;

A comprehensive network with multiple options is available in Bella Center. More than 75km of cable network is installed in Bella Center and internet connections is therefore available anywhere in the center.

Since Bella Center each year host different forms of exhibitions and congresses, the products can be delivered to match the requirements:

Copper lines which satisfies most with speeds up to 100 Mbit/s.

Fiber optics when copper is not enough anymore, and speeds need to go even higher.

Wireless network when mobility is the keyword. As standard Bella Center offers wireless coverage in the Congress area and meeting rooms.

Bella Center have redundant fiber optics connections, which for the sake of redundancy is connected to 2 different ISP centrals. Daily the maximum speed is 200/200Mbit/s (meaning 200Mbit in each direction) which is distributed between the many customers in Bella Center.

But if 200 Mbit is not satisfactory, we can easily increase the bandwidth to 1.000/1.000 Mbit.

I also picked the right hotel (Copenhagen Strand) for my stay during VMworld;

Hotel Copenhagen Strand – A charming maritime hotel

The 3 star Hotel Copenhagen Strand is housed in one of the harbour front’s original warehouses, dating back to 1869. The interior design reflects a rustic, lightly maritime style making it one of the city’s most charming hotels with a fantastic atmosphere.

Hotel Copenhagen Strand has 174 cosy and well equipped rooms all with high speed internet. The hotel is located close to Nyhavn and the shopping street Strøget, and has easy access to Ørestaden, Copenhagen’s airport, metro and busses.

So I will keep my blog up to date during the congress…


VMworld Europe 2010: Free Metro Card

With only 6 days left before the start of VMworld Europe 2010 it was time to make some first preparations. I arrive on Monday October 11 08:30 @ the airport. When I was searching trough the VMworld FAQ I noticed there will be a shuttle service to transport me from the airport to the Bella Center. In addition of the 2009 congress there wont be a shuttle service during the congress, in staid we receive a free Metro Card valid for 4 days 🙂

Will transportation be provided for the VMworld 2010?


A shuttle service is provided as follows:

From Copenhagen Airport to the Bella Center

Sunday, October 10 16.00 – 19.00
Monday, October 11 10.00 – 19.00

From the Bella Center to Copenhagen Airport

Thursday, October 14 12.00 – 17.00

If you arrive or depart outside of these times you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements.

Duing the Conference

To reduce the impact on the environment, shuttle service will not be provided. Instead, you will receive a 4 day Metro card at registration when you receive your badge. The Bella Center has its own Metro station and is on the Green M1 line. Replacements for lost or mislaid tickets will not be provided. Please visit the official Metro website: Copenhagen Metro

Read the FAQ at VMworld.com: http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/europe2010/faqs/