IPKG Bootstrap installer for Synology DS

Some users like to run software programs on there Synology DS which are not available in the package center (Synology repro, or any other). To install software you may need ipkg (or the Itsy Package Management System). ipkg is not default installed on your Syno so you have to do that yourself.  On the Synology wiki there’s an article which describes the process of installing ipkg, but many users are having trouble with this guide.

So I thought, I’ll write a guide on how to install ipkg on your Syno DS. After some research on the internet I found a different, much easier way to install the ipkg package manager…

If you use the guide from the Synology wiki you’ll have to take many steps to install ipgk (15+) and because every processor type needs a different bootstrap (a bootstrap is a script that installs ipkg) a mistake is easily made. On my search on Google I found a package repository available at http://packages.quadrat4.de/. In this package repository there’s for almost every Syno a ipkg bootstrap. When you add this repository to the package center within DSM you can install the ipgk bootstrap, reboot your DS and enjoy ipgk;



When you connect to your DS with ssh after the reboot you can use ipkg;


Now it’s recommended to update the list of available package by running ‘ipkg update’


ipkg can now be used to install package, in this example I’m installing GIT with the command ‘ipkg install git’;


26 thoughts on “IPKG Bootstrap installer for Synology DS

  1. Fijne handleiding, maar het lukt niet. Ik gebruik DSM 5.0 (213j sinds kort, mijn 1e NAS)

    1. Ik krijg die Installer niet te zien via pakketten? http://nl.tinypic.com/m/hwmzj7/1

    2. Dus maar overgestapt naar http://zarino.co.uk/post/ds214se-under-the-hood geprobeerd, maar ik heb geen idee wat ik aan het doen ben, dan alleen kopieren/plakken van hetgeen er staat.

    Vanaf hier ging het niet meer:

    To add the new /opt directory to your $PATH, type vi /etc/profile, press i and paste the following line just before export PATH:


    Press Escape, then type :wq to close and save your changes. Then, finally, type source /etc/profile to reload your shell settings.

    Bleef alleen maar rare tekens krijgen, dus Putty afgesloten en opnieuw ingelogd. Maar krijg dan:

    -ash: ipkg: not found

    Na een paar uur lezen, ben ik helaas nog niet verder gekomen. Hulp is zeer dankbaar.

  2. I have installed a bootstrap for my Synology DS214SE Armada 370 using the instructions from here:

    I noticed that if I exit the terminal, then log back into it with ssh its as though I haven’t install ipkg. It cannot see ipkg, or run any commands. I can however see that the rc.optware folder exists from my installation (and the second copy of the folder from when I tried to reinstall).

    This is what I have discovered for those who report that ipkg seems to disappear: While ssh’d into your disk station you must type source /etc/profile to reload your shell settings. Only then can you use ipkg and its commands.

    Does anyone know why this is true?

  3. I’ve got ipkg working on my DS209 at home, but I can’t seem to get it working on my DS212+ at the workplace. It says that there was an error installing the BootStrap Installer package in DSM, but then it says it’s installed and running when I reboot. SSHing into the DS and trying to install something via ipkg simply returns the error “ipkg: command not found”.


    1. I’ve been having similar issues man. I got the ipkg (Bootstrap Installer) to install just fine on my old DS411 with no errors, but I’ve never been able to get it to install properly on either my DS1812+ or either of my two DS713+’s, I get the same exact error you’ve been getting! In the past I’ve occasionally found that some packages seem to raise compatability issues with other packages so I even tried completely wiping out all my data as well as the DSM on one of my DS713+’s just so that I could see if I could get the Bootstrap Installer to install properly on a fresh DSM install to rule out any possible software conflicts with other packages and even then I can’t get it to install properly!
      So if anyone on here happens to have any other ideas we could try to get the Bootstrap Installer to work I’m all ears!!!


  4. I’m having troubels after installing the package. When I open a telnet session and type “ipkg info”
    this is the result:

    server> ipkg info
    /opt/bin/ipkg: line 1: syntax error: unexpected “(”

  5. Tried it just now on my DS-411. Same result: package source added; no trace of Bootstrap Installer. Tried also the bootstrap script and it doesn’t work. Asks me to reboot and restart the script, but there is no ipkg installed.

  6. Hi Rob. Do you know about APC for linux? Alternative Php Cache. It could be installed using ipkg but i am not sure if it would help with speeding up the web interface of the dsm or websites which are hosted on the synology. Any comment?

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the tutorial!!! I’ve added the Repo to my DS713+ & my DS1812+ and though the repo added just fine when I look through the “Community” tab I can’t find the Bootstrap Installer, I haven’t tried this yet on my DS411 so I’ll try that tonight but I’m wondering if I’m just missing something?
    Also I can’t seem to find your Spotweb tutorial on your blog here, has it been posted yet? If so could you post a link to it?
    You have some very informative info on your blog so I’m glad I stumbled onto it!

    Thanks for your help!

  8. Just a small comment, on http://packages.quadrat4.de/ the guid tells you to look in the “Other Sources” tab. In DSM 4.2 it is called “Community”.
    Thanks for this post btw, somehow lost my earlier install of ipkg when updating to 4.2 (as well as exiftool… which was installed in the DSM before but was removed in 4.2) and did not want to use my time to figure it out again…

  9. Hi Rob.
    Do you have any ideas on how I could get some kind of MP3 ReplayGain scanning working on a Synology DS? Have you come across any packages for this?
    Thanks, Barrie.

      1. A tutorial on spotweb would be great! I am having troubles though to install ipkg installer. It works, but when I ssh into synology ipkg update and upgrade does not work, nor does he find any package I try to install. Does this still work on DSM 4.2?

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