Share your XBMC 12.0 library on a Synology DS (or other NAS)

As follow up of my previous post on how to share your XBMC library on a Synology NAS with XBMC 11.0 (Eden) I made this guide based on XBMC 12.0 (Frodo). In this post I’ll guide you to the process of moving your XBMC library from your HTPC (or Apple TV or RaspPi) to the Synology DiskStation. So why do you want this? Well a centralized library brings multiple advantages like being able to stop a movie or TV show on one device and continue watching it on another one. Also the watched-state of your media is distributed across your devices. Continue reading “Share your XBMC 12.0 library on a Synology DS (or other NAS)”

Share your XBMC library on a Synology DS (or other NAS)

UPDATE: I’ve written an new post based on XBMC 12.0 Frodo:

In a previous post I wrote about how you can install XBMC on an Apple TV 2. Because the ATV doesn’t support attached USB drives and has no internal storage for your media you probably want to store these on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.  But only store your media files on shared storage may not be enough. XBMC creates a local media library by default, if you have more than 1 XBMC device you might consider to place the library also on you NAS to share the library, thumbnails and even settings and plugins.

When you using a shared library you unlock the following features;

  • Share watched and unwatched status for your media on all devices
  • Stop watching a movie or TV show in one room then finish watching it in another room automatically
  • Only one library to maintain for all devices
  • Consolidate thumbnails and fanart to save hard drive space (and reduce scraping time)

Since I own a Synology DiskStation 410 I’ll describe how you can accomplice this on an Syno DS, but most the options will also apply to a Windows or Linux based storage device (like a desktop computer or home server) or even other smart NAS solutions.

Continue reading “Share your XBMC library on a Synology DS (or other NAS)”