LG HomBot 3 WiFi Mod

Last year I bought a LG Hombot Square robot vacuum cleaner. After 3 months of use I’m still very satisfied. But now it’s time to bring this device to the next level. After spending some time on Google I found that the LG vHomBot Square 3.0 has a different name in other countries.

After searching this names I found a German forum (http://www.roboter-forum.com/) with many active LG HomBot users (subforum: http://www.roboter-forum.com/forumdisplay.php?72-LG). One of the topics describes how you can add WiFi functions to the HomBot. That sounds interesting… (after translating the text, the last German school class dates from 15 years ago…).

So to help English speaking readers I translated the text and added some pictures and videos so you can add WiFi to your own HomBot (or whatever it is named in your country…).

Disclaimer: Be aware that all these steps are at your own risk! There will be no support from LG and may void your warranty.

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