LG HomBot 3 WiFi Mod

Last year I bought a LG Hombot Square robot vacuum cleaner. After 3 months of use I’m still very satisfied. But now it’s time to bring this device to the next level. After spending some time on Google I found that the LG vHomBot Square 3.0 has a different name in other countries.

After searching this names I found a German forum (http://www.roboter-forum.com/) with many active LG HomBot users (subforum: http://www.roboter-forum.com/forumdisplay.php?72-LG). One of the topics describes how you can add WiFi functions to the HomBot. That sounds interesting… (after translating the text, the last German school class dates from 15 years ago…).

So to help English speaking readers I translated the text and added some pictures and videos so you can add WiFi to your own HomBot (or whatever it is named in your country…).

Disclaimer: Be aware that all these steps are at your own risk! There will be no support from LG and may void your warranty.

Flash to the latest firmware

For the firmware hack to work you must run at least firmware version 11128. It is recommended to upgrade the firmware to the latest available (at the time of writing version 13865). You can download the firmware at the LG website. The user firmware update guide describes the process to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Get a supported WiFi USB dongle

Because the HomBot isn’t equiped with a WiFi module we need to add a WiFi USB dongle. You can’t just use any dongle, the following chipsets are supported by the kernel;

– rt8192 (WPA/WPA2 + hidden SSID)
– rt5380 (no encryption available)
– rt3070 (no encryption available)
– rt3370 (no encryption available)

I’ve bought a TP-Link TL-WN823N witch features a rt8192cu chipset. This dongle is priced around € 11,00 ($ 9,99) and easy to get.

Media Markt NL: http://www.mediamarkt.nl/mcs/product/TP-LINK-TL-WN823N-USB-WiFI-adapter,10259,482736,457561.html?langId=-11
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-LINK-TL-WN823N-300Mbps-Wireless-Adapter/dp/B0088TKTY2/
Amazon DE: http://www.amazon.de/TP-LINK-TL-WN823N-Adapter-300Mbit-Windows/dp/B0088TKTY2
Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-WN823N-Mini-Sized-One-Button-10-4-10-8/dp/B0088TKTY2


Prepare USB thumb drive

Now its time to prepare a USB thumb drive. This drive needs to be at least 64MB.

  1. First you need to download the installer: INSTALL_LG_Hombot_3.0_WLAN-Steuerung_v2.13.zip or download the latest from the original forum
  2. Extract the contents of the archive to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive
  3. Edit the contents of the file wpa.conf (your WLAN settings, SSID and WPA(2) key;
  4. By default the WLAN interface will be set to acquire a DHCP address, if you want you can set a static address by editing line 69 of  wificonn.sh
    This line looks by default like this (set to DHCP);
    Change this line to set as ip-address;

Install the WiFi functions on the HomBot

Now you can use the thumb drive to install the WiFi functions (and custom webserver) on the HomBot. Follow the these steps;

  1. Power off the HomBot by flipping the switch on the back
  2. Insert the thumb drive into the HomBot USB port
  3. Power on the HomBot (physical switch followed by the Start button)
  4. The HomBot will start the installation process announced by the phrase “Here we go”, when the installation process is finished it will say “Complete”
  5. Power off tehe HomBot by flipping the switch on the back
  6. Now unplug the thumb drive and replace it with the WiFi dongle
  7. Power on the HomBot (physical switch followed by the Start button)
  8. The HomBot will say “Starting remote connection” while the WLAN interface is connecting, when the connection is established it will say the last octet of the assigned IP-addres (i.e. if the assigned IP-address is it will say “two, zero”).

In the video below you can see the above process on my own HomBot

Update webserver

It is recommended to update the webserver after the initial installation. Follow these steps;

  1. Download the update file UPDATE_v2.16.zip or download the latest from the original forum and extract it to a location on your computer
  2. Open the HomBot webinterface in a browser on you computer by navigating to http://<HOMBOTIP>:6260 (i.e.
  3. Open the Service tab and browse to the update file;
  4. After you have selected the file click the upload button;
  5. When the file is uploaded you can click the Install button;
  6. When everything went successfully the phrase “Installation successful” will be displayed;
  7. Now you can refresh the page and the update is active

Use the webinterface

So now you have a LG HomBot with WiFi and an embedded webinterface, but what can you do? Here’s an overview of the different webpages.


On the home tab you can review the current state of the HomBot. Like battery level, cpu usage, current working state. Also you can send commands to the HomBot to start cleaning, pause or go to the home station.



On the tab you can specify an alternative cleaning schedule. By default the HomBot can only be scheduled at the same time every day, now you can schedule different times and modes on different days.



This tab shows information about the current version and the author of the webinterface.



This page is for geeks (like myself 🙂 ), it will show you how many times the HomBot has start cleaning and bumps into obstacles.



Here you can see the map of the last three cleaning cycles.



This is the service tab where you can update the webinterface as seen before in paragraph Update Webserver


Remote console

If you want you can connect to the remote console of the HomBot by ssh. Use a ssh client (for Windows I recommend Putty) to connect to the console. The username and password;

Username: root
Password: most9981

Credits and followup

I want to thank “herluf” and “fx2” from the Roboter-forum for creating these modifications. Non of the above is made by me, only the English translation.

In a next post I will show you how you can connect the HomBot to a domotica system.

129 thoughts on “LG HomBot 3 WiFi Mod

  1. Hi! Thanks for this fantastic mod from Spain!
    Unfortunately i can’t get it working in my VR64702VLMB. I have update FW to 16552 version and then i strictly followed the next steps…i modified wpa.conf to configure wifi access data and i can listen “here we go” and complete”. Then, in the last step when i plug the EW-7811Un ……. I dont hear anything!! (not “remote connection” and not numbers). I am scanned the IP adresses and the hombot is not connected to home wifi.

    Please help me!, i dont know what to do to solve now.

  2. Maybe this is a dead thread…
    If not: I can’t get my hombot to recognize my tp-link wn823n. It just boots as usual. And yes i’ve installed the proper wlan steuerung…

    1. I had the same thing. and later I found that the problem may causes by low power supply from the in cabin USB port. I don’t know why but I think maybe related to the built up dusts trap the motor and then consumes a little bit more power which is right just fail the wifi stick. I know it sounds stupid but I don’t have any other theory.

    2. Hi, I have the same issue. Everything was fiine until I started it with WIFI dongle. No change, no message. Dongle works fine in PC. Is there any way how to get some log/status what is not working?

  3. If you have problems after updating, download fw 16222 from Taiwanese LG website. You can flash 16552 version of the WiFi hack on that one.

    1. After the update it’s not working anymore so i’m also looking for a place to download the fw 16222. Can only find the 16552 on the Taiwanese website.

  4. So i tried everything i read on many sites but no luck so far. I had FW 13865 and updated with the right hack, used the edimax dongle and doublechecked the wifi configuration but it didn’t work. I get a confirmation on the update but after that nothing happens, the machine starts up and that’s it. The second i tried is to update to the latest firmware and again, that worked well. Then i installed the hack for 16552 and then the same, machine powered up and goes in standby, no confirmation on wifi or whatsoever. Now i tried to downgrade the FW tot 13865 but it looks like the HomBot is not reading any USB stick anymore, no led flashing and i used 4 USB sticks already. Also the one were i did the previous update with. I seems the USB port has broken down or blocked? Any ideas how to fix this?

    1. I’m french and i have the same problem. Have you find a solution. My hombot is breakdown now…

  5. Hi guys ..I’ve update to the latest firmware, and frankly it’s pants.
    Does anybody please have archived firmware versions please ?
    I’ve asked LG and unsurprising they gave said they can’t help….wonderful service !!!!

  6. Hi guys ..I’ve update to the latest firmware, and frankly it’s pants.

    Does anybody please have archived firmware versions please ?

    I’ve asked LG and unsurprising they gave said they can’t help….wonderful service

  7. There is any site to download an old version?
    I have problems cleaning with version 16552. I have a VR6270LVMB and I need version 13865.

  8. Hi Rob, thanks for the great article! Do you know if the same software INSTALL_LG_Hombot_3.0_WLAN-Steuerung_v2.13.zip and technique work on the VR6340LV? or has anyone else tried on this model?

  9. Hallo,
    Wie kan mij helpen:
    De hombot heb ik een vast ip adress gegeven (dhcp werkte niet). Vervolgens heeft de LG een connectie totdat ik er naartoe connect. Dan verliest hij binnen no-time de connectie om daarna ook geen connectie meer te maken tot een herstart.
    Hoe test ik:
    Start de LG op, wacht totdat deze gestart is. Stuur een ping -t en krijg +- 10 reply’s. Daarna time-out.
    Herstart de LG, wacht totdat deze gestart is. Open webpage, krijg luigy’s page. druk op een tab en de connectie is weg.
    Dus telkens als de connectie er is, vervalt deze bij gebruik er van.
    Alles diverse keren opnieuw geprobeerd, maar zonder positief resultaat.

    Ik heb de edimax USB omdat de tp-link v2 was en dus niet werkte.

  10. Rob,

    ik zit vast, heb de hambot geüpdatet naar 16552, static ip ingesteld en de correcte ssid/wpa2 code. Nu hoor ik wel de laatste 2 cijfers van het ip adres, maar vind niks terug bij mijn router. Hij is ook niet te pingen…enig idee waar het door komt?
    ik heb de lmvp versie, met edimax dongle

  11. Ik had de boel goed draaien, maar onlangs van router gewijzigd, naar een Draytek 2925 en elke keer verliest de hombot het contact met de WIFI naar verloop van tijd. Het lijkt een idel time-out functie in de router, maar ik kan niet ontdekken waar dat hem in zit

  12. Hello,
    My LG Hom-Bot is a VR65720LVMP. According to the LG website, most updated and correct version of this model is 16222 instead of 16552. I tried the 16552 on my Hom-Bot but it won’t boot normally so I changed back to 16222. I got aTP-Link TL-WN823N dongle to work on it but unfortunately the WiFi mod. didn’t work on firmware 16222. I wonder if there will be a version for 16222?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Just a quick update by myself that TP-Link TL-WN823N didn’t work on firmware 16222 but EDIMAX EW-7811UN worked with INSTALL_LG_Hombot_3.0_FW_16552_WLAN-Steuerung_v2.34.

      If the last octet is a three-figure number, you would only hear “one”.

      Thank you.

      Kris Huang

  13. Hoi allemaal,
    ik loop vast en ben inmiddels radeloos. Heb een LG Hombot en de welbekende ‘ altijd werkende’ Edimax USB WIFI dongle . Heb de laatste en1 na laatste firmware met bijbehorende Wifi hacks geflasht.
    De firmware upgrades lukken inclusief bevestiging
    De hacks lukken inclusief bevestiging.
    Echter, met het inpluggen van de Edimax dongle gebeurt er niets. Het lampje op de dongle knippert langzaam maar verder niets. Ook geen vocale bevestiging oid.
    Ik heb zowel statische als dynamisch IP adres geprobeerd. Ook dit bij beide firmwares.
    Op de router is ook niet te zien dat er zich een mac adres oid heeft aangediend.
    Heb verschillende routers geprobeerd.
    Heb verschillende WPA setting geprobeerd
    Verschillende netwerknamen en passwords geprobeerd,

    Als ik geen netwerk ID en password flash dan knippert de dongle snel ipv langzaam en onregelmatig..

    Wie o wie kan/wil mij verder helpen?

    Bedankt alvast!


    1. antwoord de hombot op ping? in cmd scherm commando “ping ingeven. Zoja, probeer dan de webserver eens vanop een android device (tablet / smartphone) te bereiken.

      1. Ik heb hetzelfde probleem. De hombot reageerd voor zo’n 5 tot 15 seconden (wisseld) bij aanzetten op ping, en in die tijd kan ik ook de webserver bereiken. Daarna verliest de connectivieteit en kan ik er niet meer bij….
        Iemand enig idee???? Please….thnx

  14. Hi, i execute the WLAN hack (v2.34 form firmware 16552) on a hom-bot with firmware 16552. I encounter some issues. The webserver is not responding properly. I can access the status.html page and use the android app; but i cannot reach luigi’s control page. Anyone an idea what might went wrong? Thx in advance

  15. Ok, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I typed in part of the code for the static IP which was wrong. Sorry.

    1. Hi, i still didn’t get it to work, can you send me the code in the wificonn.sh file you got working?

      1. antwoord de hombot op ping? in cmd scherm commando “ping ipadreshombot” ingeven. Zoja, probeer dan de webserver eens vanop een android device (tablet / smartphone) te bereiken.

  16. Hi,
    I did all of the above, and the thing still doesn’t want to function properly. I can’t open the control center. I set the IP to 20 or 30 or whatever and every time I do that it chooses another IP. I set it to and it sets itself to .24. When I try to enter the IP it constantly says “This site can’t be reached” or that the IP “refused to connect”. Please help me, I have no idea why it’s randomly choosing some IP and I can’t seem to understand why it refuses to connect to the control center

  17. ik begrijp niet wat ik verkeerd doe… Zowel de TP-LINK als de Edimax dongle geprobeerd, beide versies van de Wifi hack er op gezet maar hij maakt geen verbinding. Router staat op WPA, volgens mij klopt alles. Is er nog iets wat ik over het hoofd zou kunnen zien?

  18. I’m a bit lost. Performed all steps, got the Hombot to connect to my wifi and was able to connect using the web interface and issue commands.

    However, after some time the Hombot was no longer registered on the network and could not be reached/controlled.


    -Turning hombot on/off: does not help.
    -Flash the original files back, boot, turn off, flash the wifi-hack files back, boot; does not tell that it is connecting or issue the ip number. However, it is registered on the network as PC-2C-33-7A-56-DA-27 (seemingly using the dongle’s mac address for the name?) but without an assigned ip address.

    In my case the TP-Link TL-WN823N worked.

    My questions: How does one correctly re-install the wifi hack so that it tries to connect? And what could cause the disconnect issue (others seem to have the same problem).

    1. Hi RudderDuck,

      It sucks to hear that it stopped working!
      > How does one correctly re-install the wifi hack so that it tries to connect?
      As far as I know, you can reflash the LG original firmware. I assume (haven’t checked the whole sequence) that it reflashes all the files. From there on, flash the WiFi-hack and you should be good to go. I have done this around 4 times, since I thought it was an software issue, I had…
      > And what could cause the disconnect issue (others seem to have the same problem).
      There can be multiple reasons… I can suggest to make sure that the Wi-Fi dongle is working correctly. I had bought exactly the same dongle, but mine didn’t work at all. Try to plug it in a Windows or Linux machine and verify whether the dongle itself is working. If not; there’s your problem.
      Next thing you can do (what I did as well, since the IP-telling didn’t work fine for me) is assign a static IP address to the HomBot. This can be done via either the HomBot itself, or using your Router (static IP assignment in the DHCP configuration).

      How did you find out that the dongle registered itself with that name?

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks for your quick reply!
        1. I followed that re-install sequence but then it sometimes connects (hombot tells me) and sometimes doesn’t (hombot keeps quiet). If it tells me that it connected then it works for a brief period and can be accessed using the web interface. If it keeps quiet an entry is added on my router named PC-2C-33-7A-56-DA-27 without an assigned ip address (I use the router’s web interface to check).

        2. The dongle works flawlessly on my raspberry pi kodi machine. Assigning a static ip did not solve the issue.

        I somehow suspect that my router FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360 isn’t all that fabulous and could have a too weak signal so that the hombot simply fails to connect. But placing it almost next to my router didn’t resolve the issue either. It is hard to find out what’s wrong when the process doesn’t provide any diagnostic feedback. Could I add some code so that it writes progress to a text file on the file system that I can later retreive?

        A guy (http://daepunt.com/2014/07/02/dag-14-hom-bot-hacking-hombot4sixweeks/) created a script that lists the whole hombot file system and writes it to a usb stick:

        ls -Rl / > “$SOURCE_PATH”/filesystem.txt
        exit 0

        I wonder, would it be possible to let the hombot write some diagnostics to a txt file on its file system which can then be retrieved by inserting a usb stick afterwards?

        1. You’re welcome 🙂

          It sometimes is silent for me too, personally I think that has to do with the readout of the last octet of the IP address.
          I think you are able to do such thing. What you therefore need to do is something like this:
          – Install your script and make sure it runs on boot, preferably in the background.
          – Automagically let the output copy to your USB, whenever you have an USB-stick plugged in.

          .. when typing this, another thing pops up in my mind – what you could do, is use an USB-splitter so you can use both your Wi-Fi and the USB-stick…

          Sufficient opportunities, I’d say. Depending on how handy you are with Shell-scripting and hacking around – I would let some diagnostics write to the file system and make it copy the logs to the USB, on boot – when it’s plugged in. I think that all components for such script are available in the Wi-Fi hack ZIP.

          Good luck!

  19. Ik krijg het helaas niet werkend.
    Zou iemand mee kunnen kijken/denken?
    Ik heb de VR64701LVMP en een TP-Link TL-WN823N de nieuwste firmware geïnstalleerd 13xxx en zowel de hack van hier als de hack van de site zelf, geïnstalleerd…
    Kan ik debuggen op een bepaalde manier?


    1. Mogelijk heb je een nieuwere revisie gekregen van de TP-Link wifi-adapter (zie reacties van Olav Alexander Mjelde). De nieuwere revisies van die adapter hebben een andere chipset die niet geschikt is voor de LG Hom-Bots.

      Dat is dan ook de reden waarom ik voor de Edimax EW-7811UN wifi-adapter heb gekozen. Van die adapter bestaat (vooralsnog) maar 1 versie.

      1. Ik ben er al achter. Na wat lsusb, modprobe, iwconfig, etc. ben ik er achtergekomen dat de adapter gewoon kapot is. W8.1, W10, RPi (Weezy) en HomBot herkennen de adapter gewoon niet.
        Morgen maar weer terug naar de MediaMarkt en Edimax EW-7811UN besteld 🙂

        De TP-Link die ik gebruikt heb, staat in deze tutorial; vandaar dat ik exact die gekocht heb (dit schijnt wel een V2 (EU?) te zijn).

        Thanks voor je reply f@n@t!c! 🙂
        Ik update mijn comment als de Edimax binnen is!

        1. Vandaag is mijn Edimax binnengekomen, werkt ‘meteen’! Behalve dat de HomBot het verkeerde IP-adres doorgeeft. Ik heb ‘m via MAC nu statisch 10 gegeven, maar hij spreekt alleen ‘One’ uit…
          Thanks again f@n@t!c!

          1. Graag gedaan! Blij dat het nu werkt met de Edimax wifi-adapter.

            Ik heb dezelfde ervaring met het uitspreken van het IP-adres op mijn Hom-Bot: het laatste octet is in mijn geval 41 maar ik hoor enkel de “four”. Soms denk ik de “one” ook te horen maar die lijkt weg te vallen door het afspelen van het opstartdeuntje.
            Het stoort mij enigszins, maar tenzij er een fix voor is leer ik er gewoon mee leven. Het heeft immers geen impact op de werking van de hack: ik kan de webpagina van de Hom-Bot openen en gebruiken, en ook de Android-app op mijn HTC One werkt.
            Overigens heb ik het IP-adres van mijn Hom-Bot statisch ingesteld via de hack, en dus niet via mijn router.

      2. Hi f@n@t!c,
        if I understand correctly (thanks to google!) the problem could lie in the TL-WN823N v2.0?
        Because I bought it from Amazon and there’s no way to get my hombot into wifi mode (neither with fw 13865 nor the last one)

  20. Does anybody have any experience applying this hack to the VR64702LVMT and/or firmware version 16552? Apparently, I got a little ahead of myself when I updated the firmware on my LG Hom-Bot after it was delivered today, as I now see on the German forum that the hack is only available for firmware versions 11128 and 13865. I would’ve asked this question there, but I don’t speak any German and Google Translate can only get me so far. I did see the word ‘downgrade’ mentioned a few times, but I wouldn’t know where to get my hands on an older firmware version (unless the software is the same for all Hom-Bots, then I could download version 13865 for the VR64702LVM instead) or how the downgrade process works.

    Hope I can still get a reply here… 🙂

    1. Going to answer my own question here, but it may be helpful to somebody one day so here it goes…

      Short story: I downgraded my Hom-Bot back to firmware version 13865 (which works exactly the same way as upgrading the firmware) and was able to install the wifi-hack as described in the article above.

      Long story: I was able to obtain advice (in English) on the Roboter forum, have a look at the following thread: http://www.roboter-forum.com/showthread.php?15658-LG-Hom-Bot-VR64702LVMT-firmware-ver16552

      1. Hallo, in je thread geef je aan dat je je firmware hebt uitgelezen met de ‘blackbox-trick’. Hoe werkt dat?

    2. Hallo f@nAt!c,
      Ik heb de zelfde hombot (versie VR64702LVMT) en zowel de edimax als de tplink adapter geprobeerd. Krijg het niet voor elkaar.
      De hombot start op en het lampje op de edimax dongle gaat knipperen maar hij maakt geen verbinding met de router.
      Alle aanpassingen welke ik op dit en het duitse forum heb doorgelezen heb ik geprobeerd maar zonder resultaat.
      Is het misschien mogelijk om jouw werkende wificonn.sh bestand te verkrijgen zodat ik eens kan kijken of het daarmee wel lukt?

  21. does anyone know if this hack works on the VR64607LV or the VR64701LVMP ?
    It is btw unclear to me what the difference is between the two except the price :_P

    1. It works on the VR64701LVMP. Installed it yesterday. For me however the WIFI connection disappears after a while (after half an hour or so, have yet to do any kind of troubleshooting) but that is more likely to be caused by my WIFI dongle or WIFI network or something else not related to the mod, Even with the disconnect it’s still quite useful to access the maps, set schedules, etc although more of a hassle as the machine needs to be reset to reinitialise the connection.

    1. Hi, did you get this one: EDIMAX WLAN USB NANO STICK EW-7811UN ?
      Also you have to set the Wi-fi settings 🙂 I set mine to fixed IP… You might have to play with WPA2 settings etc.. (like what encryption is supported by the router).

      If you have it on a guest net, make sure it’s not wireless isolation mode. If it works the vacuum should say a number.. it takes maybe 30 secs after it’s been turned on.

        1. Maybe you forgot some simple step in the instructions..
          The setup for the static IP might be confusing, as you have to add something and comment something out.

          1. I check multiple times. Used the German forum as a reference, thats not it. Also because is should give an error message if it can’t connect… My LG doesn’t recognize there is a wifi dongle and therefore it doesn’t run the code.

          2. Yes, but that’s what happend with the TP-Link I bought (V.2), it had a different chipset than the one in the guide (*EU instead). Then nothing happened… But with the edimax one I linked below it just went online with same config files.

        2. thats what I thought the issue was here as well. Thats why I bought the Edimax to replace the TP link, but no change. My Hom Bot with the dongle attached just starts normal. No sign of a wifi attempt/connection I am afraid.

          1. if you want to, I can look at your config files.. But just remove password first 🙂

    2. In an ultimate attempt, I renamed my wifi network and created a new WPA2 key. Don’t ask me why (I don’t know), but now it works fine… 🙂 Thx for your help!

    1. Hi, I have the 6271LVM with Wi-Fi mod and Android APP.
      PS! I first bought the Wi-Fi dongle TP-LINK but I got a too new model of it (newer revision) that would not work. I then tried it in my PC and found that the rev.3 of the dongle had different chipset that was not compatible.

      I tried changing the linux config files but it didnt work (added new parts to the config to apply for that v3 chipset). So I had to buy yet another Wi-Fi dongle.

      This one works perfectly:
      EDIMAX WLAN USB NANO STICK EW-7811UN Wireless Adapter, 150 Mbit/s 802.11b/g/n

      I found it from seller on ebay: heibas-handyladen for 9.9 eur + 5 eur freight. It was not the most cheap Wi-Fi dongle and I found other “no name” dongles with same chipset, but after making the mistake of buying TP-LINK and getting the V3 I didnt want to do it again…. (since I have to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery to Norway).

      That beeing said, when I got Edimax in the mail I had already flashed both firmware and the custom Wi-Fi mod with the Wi-Fi settings. I put my robotic vacuum on my guest Wi-Fi and disabled wireless isolation. I can control it both via my ANdroid phone and my browser 🙂 Also I can connect to it via shell commands…

      I will in june swap the sounds, I have started working on it but I’m doing a bachelors degree in my spare time, as well as working full time.. So I have little free time untill june.

          1. Yes.
            Tried the android app. But dosn’t work every time.
            Just saying “Offline”
            Webbrowser works fine, maybe its because my android is rooted.

  22. Rob,

    Onze robot wil niet meer opladen, heb een andere accu van een vriend geprobeerd, en de robot werkte weer perfect. helaas voor korte duur. Nadat de accu leeg was (of de robot klaar met zijn werk) gaat hij terug naar zijn oplader, waarna hij wil gaan laden. de robot staat op zijn dock, waarna hij gaat laden. Dit is ook visueel te zien. Hij staat minder dan een minuut op de lader waarna hij een error geluid geeft, en de accu ineens vol aangeeft. Het ligt niet aan de accu of aan het docking station. De zelfdiagnose geeft geen foutmelding. Heb jij misschien een idee? Ik zou graag de wifi-mod willen toepassen, maar hiervoor moet hij wel werken natuurlijk.

    1. Heh, dit is exact hetzelfde probleem als wat ik met mijn vorige hombot had. Dus niet de enige waarbij dat gebeurde. Ik heb hem gewoon onder garantie laten fixen.

      1. Erik,

        beetje late reactie, maar weet je toevallig wat het probleem was?
        de stofzuiger zit niet meer in de garantie. Heb inmiddels wel al een nieuwe gekocht.

  23. Everything works, but the webserver is now: Software : lg.srv, V2.34 compiled 10.01.2016, by BigBadaBoom
    Do I need to downgrade it to 2.16?

  24. Hello and thank you for your guide, I have hacked my LG Hom Bot Square.
    I also found a third party app (you have to put an html file on your hombot too).

    You will find the APP here:

    You just need the Wi-Fi mod and adding a html file on the hombot (I did it via VIM, just pasted the content).

    Afterwards it looks very good.
    You can see my blog posts here:

  25. Geweldig! Werkte meteen! Zeker met de laatste nieuwe versie zitten er leuke features op. Je hebt er niet veel aan, maar het is wel leuk 🙂 Zo kun je meekijken met de camera en een heel precies pad volgen zoals de Hombot heeft rondgereden in je huis. Leuk!

    1. Meekijken met de camera? hoe doe je dat dan? de kaarten etc lukt wel maar meekijken wist ik niet. Ik zit op de 2.33 versie misschien dat het verschil? En lukt het jou ook om mails te versturen ik kirjjg continu de err resolve hostname

      1. Hoi Rob,

        Je moet idd wel versie 2.34 gebruiken.
        Over die email…volgens mij kun je daarin niet zo heel veel fout doen, maar misschien worden niet alle mail-protocollen ondersteund. Ik verstuur via gmail. Misschien heb je daar wat aan.


  26. Took me hours, no result. Then I discovered a small typo, I made when I modified the wificonn.sh file.
    ( I deleted the wrong line 68; iwconfig “$WIFI_DEVICE_NAME” >> /usr/etc/w.log.
    restored this but now typed ifconfig….

    Corrected. Works fine! Time to play!
    If you do it right the first time, the full job can be done within 5 minutes!

  27. Hey, vandaag de update uitgevoerd. SSID aangepast in de file etc.. De update is correct uitgevoerd (volgens de beschrijving), maar mijn Hombot vindt mijn WiFi niet (SSID en Password correct in file aangepast) Enig idee waarom hij geen connectie legt?

    1. For when someone else wonders: I just tried it on that model, and it seems to work fine :). (Very useful, I really don’t care alot about the wifi stuff, but scheduling per day is a huge advantage in my opinion).

  28. Fantastic job.

    But I have a problem.

    I install INSTALL_LG_Hombot_3.0_WLAN-Steuerung_v2.13.zip and it seems to be OK. It says “here we go” and “complete”.

    The problem is when use the WiFi dongle. It starts saying “Starting remote connection” but after that it says “one” and no more. Obviously, I can´t access wifi and my router have not a new connection.

    ¿Can you help me?

  29. Hello,
    at the beginning I would like to say good job for the author !

    I have HomBot VR6270LVMB , who speaks German . Unfortunately I do not understand completely in German .
    I would like in my ” Hom – Bot” to change the language to English – is it possible? and how can this be done ?

    Can anyone advice me something ?

  30. Can’t update my hombot, it simply boots up and does not install anything. Formatted usb copied files like the instructions. Any idea what i might do wrong here?

    1. Hi Michiel, I had the same problem. After many attempts, I tried by moving the files out of the unzipped folder and then cancelling it, that is leaving in the USB key just the three file without any folder… and it worked! The explanation in the instructions are not complete, as they omit this passage.
      Besides this, I have also read that some older USB keys could not work.

  31. Bedankt Rob! Duidelijk tutorial. Heb de installatie uitgevoerd maar nu valt mijn Wifi op de bombot opeens uit. Een reboot helpt wel, dan is die weer voor een seconde of 10 terug, maar daarna valt die weer uit. Toevallig hetzelfde ervaren (heb dezelfde tp link stick gekocht als jij hebt)

    1. I experience the same thing (installation without any problems, but the wifi connection only lasts for about 10 seconds). Any remedies known?

    1. Leaving this here for those who are interested…

      To enable connection to WiFi network with hidden SSID enabled, add the following to wpa.conf:


      Tested to be working by me.

      1. Somehow part of the config got censored… but you should get the idea once you open up the wpa.conf file.

        ssid=”Your WiFi Network Name”
        psk=”Your WiFi Password”

  32. When I would like to revert back to the original firmware (without wifi support, without web server, etc), will that be just as easy as flashing back the original LG firmware package?

  33. Ordered the WiFi dongle and I’m curious about the results! My Hom-Bot is bumping quite often…… Let’s see the stats.

  34. Instead of installing v2.13 first and updating it to v2.16 afterwards you may also replace lg.srv by the 2.16 version before your first installation. Don’t forget to rename the new file to lg.srv.

  35. You should always freshly (quick-) format the USB thumb drive to FAT32 before using it for uploads to the Bot. Several users have reported problems(*) when just deleting the contents of the drive and replacing it with the files meant for the bot.

    (*) No “here we go”, only “Complete” voice and WiFi functions not working.

  36. Is there a way to obtain the status using JSON commands? Like charging, cleaning etc?
    Thanks for the explanations it works really good!

    1. Hi Joost, I’m looking in to that. I know its possible to send commands like ‘Start Cleaning’ etc. but I’m still investigating the possibility to get the status by JSON.

      1. Please let me know what you come up with. I will try to get some answers as well and post here is something iinteresting is found. Thanks again for your translation!

      2. You can get the status back by http://:6260/status.html. It won’t be in json but you get something like:
        (i replaced all &lt and &gt signs by {} because previous posts didnt show. Maybe this helps 🙂 )

        {b}Robot-state{/b}: {status}CHARGING{/status} {br}
        {b}Batt-Perc{/b}: {batterie}80{/batterie} {br}
        {b}Program Version{/b}: {program}lg.srv, V2.34 compiled 10.01.2016, by BigBadaBoom{/program} {br}
        {b}Client Commands{/b}: {client}0{/client} {br}
        {b}Cmd per second{/b}: {cmd}0.000000{/cmd} {br}
        {b}Http requests{/b}: {httprequests}44811{/httprequests} {br}
        {b}Cpu-Idle{/b}: {cpuidle}77.77{/cpuidle} {br}
        {b}Cpu-User{/b}: {cpuuser}5.55{/cpuuser} {br}
        {b}Cpu-Sys{/b}: {cpusys}16.66{/cpusys} {br}
        {b}Cpu-Nice{/b}: {cpunice}0.00{/cpunice} {br}
        {b}Turbo{/b}: {turbo}false{/turbo} {br}
        {b}Repeat{/b}: {repeat}false{/repeat} {br}
        {b}Mode{/b}: {mode}SB{/mode} {br}
        {b}Version{/b}: {version}13865{/version} {br}
        {b}Nickname{/b}: {nickname}HOMBOT{/nickname} {br}
        {b}Bumping{/b}: {bumping}13486{/bumping} {br}
        {b}Last-Clean{/b}: {lastclean}2016/04/17/09/49/47.974847{/lastclean} {br}

  37. Great job! I previously saw some of this information scattered over forums, but never took the effort to translate it and find the right steps to actually perform this mod. Can’t wait to fetch the wifi stick this afternoon haha!

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