Synology DSM 4.1 BETA

This week Synology released the public BETA of Disk Station Manager (DSM) 4.1. I’m not copying the release notes into this post as you can read them over at Synology:

So how do you install the BETA on your DS?

First you have to download the firmware for you DS ( Now connect to your DS and open the ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘DSM Update’.

Hit the ‘Manual DSM update’ button and select the firmware you just downloaded and follow the instructions. Wait a little while and after the DS is rebooted it’s running the DSM 4.1 BETA. After the upgrade you can upgrade you packages with the ‘Package Center’.

Please read before upgrading!

5 thoughts on “Synology DSM 4.1 BETA

  1. Als om wat voor reden dan ook deze beta versie niet goed blijkt te werken, is er dan een weg terug d.m.v. een back-up of zoiets? Ben wat voorzichtig geworden nadat ik na 3 dagen alles overhuizen in slechts 2 klikken één schijf volledig gewist heb. (DS212j)

    1. Hoi Martin,

      De enige manier om terug te gaan naar een vorige versie is een herinstallatie van de DS (d.m.v. Synology Assistant een eerdere firmware installeren). Echter kan ik me niet voorstellend dat je problemen zal ondervinden met de upgrade naar de BETA van 4.1. Ik heb zelf mijn DS410 vanaf 3.2 elke keer geupgrade zonder problemen totaan BETA 4.1.

      Groet Rob

  2. Hi Rob.

    You seem to be a guy with some experience of Synology! I am relatively new to this and was searching for info when I came across your web site. If you have time I would appreciate your views and advice.

    Firstly, my Synology is a DS212J with 2 x WD 2TB drives in Synology Hybrid RAID configuration. I use the Synology to store my video, photo and music files (and ideally want to stream these to TV’s etc in the house), and as a network backup and store for desktop and laptop PC’s. The Synology is running DSM4.1 beta.

    A few questions:

    1. I read somewhere that the Synology should transcode MKV files. How? I have tried streaming some MKV’s and so far the only thing that gets the files is a Samsung BluRay player (which by the way will not allow fast forward or fast rewind…, pause, and stop only!). How can I get MKV’s to stream to i.e. my Apple TV3? I have tried the new DS Video app but that plays almost nothing (not even MP4’s very well!). I have also tried Media Connect App which load FlexPlayer but hat is very jerky (not smooth) and has no audio.

    2. I am confused with the new functions of CloudStation in DSM4.1 Beta. It appears to have the ability to make a shared folder (such as music or video folders) into a cloud folder. I can see some potential benefit here but cannot see how to implement it fully…..for instance, I would like to keep my iTunes library on my PC and sync it via CloudStation to the Synology music folder so the two always have the same contents but my PC can still work independently for syncing my iPod, iPhone etc. Any idea how to implement this with the new CloiudStation functionality?

    3. The Gigabit ethernet connection seems a bit slow. Doing a file transfer of a few GB’s from PC (with gigabit) direct to Synology (even without router or switch in line) I get 20MB/s to 30MB/s. I assume that MB/s is Mega Bytes per second (not mega bits) so even at 30MB/s this is only 240 mega bits per second (a long way short of 1000 mega bits per second). Any ideas how to improve this? I use new Cat 6 cables and have tried both direct connection and via a gigabit switch.

    Many thanks for your help!

    Best regards


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