Promote a Windows 8 server to AD Domain Controller

Today I’m playing around with VMware View and Windows 8 CP based virtual desktops. Because I had to build a new lab environment I grabbed the opportunity to play with the beta of Windows Server 8. I’ve installed a Server 8 VM to be the Active Directory domain controller, first thing I noticed was that dcpromo.exe is realy gone (heard it a while ago). When you run dcpromo.exe you’ll get a message witch will tell you to use the (new!) Server Manager;

Oke, I’ll use the Server Manager instead… After installing the AD role and required features I can promote the server to be a Domain Controller. I chose to install the DNS role using the promotion wizard but after selecting a name for the new forest I got the following error (An error was detected in the DNS configuration);

If you get the same error, don’t worry… It resolves itself… (as said by Microsoft on Technet:;

The rest of the wizard is self explaining and not very different of the pre Server 8 wizard.

For those how want to know whats new in Windows Server 8 Active Directory I recommend to watch to following Technet video;

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