VMworld Europe 2010: Day 1 keynote

Today is the start of VMworld Europe 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark. As usual the event started with a keynote session from VMware. Before Mauricio, Rick, Paul and Steve start talking about the vision of VMware the following video was played;

Mauricio Carli presented some interesting numbers regarding VMworld Europe attendants;

  • VMworld Europe 2008: 4500
  • VMworld Europe 2009: 4700
  • VMwrold Europe 2010: >6000

He also presented the number of registered VMUG members world wide: >50.000!

Paul Maritz talked about the future vision of VMware, in short it all comes down to cloudcomputing en serving the user in staid of only optimizing the IT infrastructure.

The realy interesting part came from Steve Herrod. He entertained the crowd with a live demo of the capabilities with VMware View 4.5 in combination with Project Horizon (vCloud Request Manager). With vCloud RM applications can be enrolled to users like Apple apps from the AppStore.

Well there is much more to tell but I suggest everybody who hasn’t the opportunity to be in Copenhagen to watch the keynote on-line at http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/europe2010/generalsessions


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