VMware Stage Manager 1.0 Beta

Afgelopen dinsdag kreeg ik een VMware nieuwsbrief waarin de ‘VMware Stage Manager 1.0 Beta’ werd aangekondigd. Hieronder een quote uit de mail;

Dear Rob,

We’re pleased to announce the availability of VMware Stage Manager 1.0 Beta, the first management and automation system for pre-production infrastructure and operations.

VMware Stage Manager 1.0 allows IT organizations to visualize release processes, manage resources and system configuration changes, ensure consistency, and streamline the transition of IT services and business applications between lifecycle stages and into production.

VMware Stage Manager 1.0 empowers IT organizations to:

• reduce server sprawl and increase the resource utilization of IT services hosted on VMware Infrastructure
• create exact copies of production systems for pre-production integration and testing
• more easily enforce change and release management procedures
• accelerate the completion of change requests to production systems
• capture and archive any environment in any stage for auditing purposes

Ga naar http://www.vmware.com/go/stage_manager_beta om de beta te downloaden. Ik ga hier zelf binnenkort mee testen en zal mijn ervaringen hier posten.

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